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After an extraordinary meal we offer you the experience of ending it with any of the following recently roasted specialty coffees .


Specialty Coffee - Natural Roast - 100% Arabica
Origin: Indonesia
Process: Washing
Screen: 17/19
ACS: 87
Variety: Typical
Region: Tangkuban Peru, West Java
Altitude: 1350 - 1500
Roast Profile: Medium
Recommended for: Moccamaster and Espresso.
Tasting notes: Floral Bouquet, Spices, Nuts, herbs and red fruit acidity. It is soft, clean and delicate with a long aftertaste.

Only 55 tons of coffee per year are harvested by 79 coffee farmers from the Gabungan Tani Arjuna cooperative. The Preanger coffee farms located between 1,300 and 1,500 meters above sea level are in the Tangkuban Perau region of West Java. Coffee was introduced here in the 17th century by the Dutch, being one of the first places to cultivate coffee. Hence the word Java became the jargon for coffee in Anglo-Saxon countries.

FUNKY - Hacienda el Jardin - Caldas - Castle

Origin: Colombia - Caldas.
Name: Hacienda el Jardín.
Farm: Hacienda el Jardín.
Producer: Juan Felipe Restrepo
Varietal: Castle
Altitude: 1600m.snm
Benefit: Natural AA.
ACS: 85.
Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Red Fruits.
Roast profile: Medium.
Recommended for: Filter - Moccamaster - V60

FUNKY coffees are experimental coffees that have a different benefit process, usually testing anaerobic fermentation. Its particularity lies in the flavors and aromas that are obtained. They are ideal for filter and cold brew, in espresso with milk they are unusual flavors. They are an unusual experience and deserve to try.

This coffee stands out for its marked notes of red fruits and raspberry in its flavor and aroma with a good body. Cultivated and processed at the Hacienda el Jardín owned by the Naranjo Family for 3 generations on the outskirts of Manizales, Caldas, Colombia. Its cherries are harvested at their optimal sugar point and fermented for 28 hours in an anaerobic manner, to then be naturally dried.


Its name CARACAS is in honor of the Blandín hacienda in the Caracas valley where the first coffee harvest was made in 1784. At that time, coffee began to be an important crop in the country.

The Blends, known in the Italian tradition for combining different varieties and origins of individually roasted coffee to achieve a balanced cup of cream, body, aroma, flavor and acidity. It is made from 100% Arabica varieties.

Reminiscent of the flavors found in Venezuelan chocolate and hazelnut coffees, intense aroma with delicate acidity and persistent aftertaste.

Recommended: Moccamaster or Espresso.
ACS: 85+
Roast Profile: Espresso North Italy


Since the coffee has no defects and is not roasted or roasted, we recommend enjoying it without sugar.

Mocca Cup - Filter coffee cup prepared in Moccamaster - 5 min. €3.00
V60 - 450ML FILTER Coffee Pitcher prepared in V60 - 7 min. €5.00
Espresso - Depending on availability €3.00