Café de Especialidad en la Oferta Culinaria

Specialty Coffee in the Culinary Offer

In recent years the coffee industry has evolved and changed profoundly, the trend is towards a more sustainable coffee, coffee as an experience and emphasizing quality throughout the chain have allowed the emergence of new proposals and that many restaurants use them. use as a powerful differentiating proposal.

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The coffee is the final score, the end point of the meal. It is part of the poetry in the food experience and is often poorly chosen or executed."

Big restaurants fail at the end of the meal and even admit that it is not a priority. In fact, many of them admit to using the Nesspreso system, and it's not that it's bad because they are better than average coffees; the fact is that its preparation does not require any knowledge or training, so it becomes the default option when coffee is not a priority.

Ducasse explains this lack of enthusiasm for serving exceptional coffee in the culinary world as a lack of competition, the relatively high cost of equipment, and a lack of training and knowledge on the part of chefs and staff.

"Many Chefs have not realized that coffee is an important way to compete" . -Alain Ducasse.

Specialty coffee offers a unique experience as it is prepared at the table, the smells and the art of preparation captivate the customer and make them part of the culinary experience. The restaurants that have realized this bring this experience to the table, creating the right atmosphere and pairing coffee with food, dessert, some chocolate or liquor. The possibilities are endless.

The industry today offers diversity of origins, blends and exotic coffees. Curiously, the best place to experience them is in restaurants where food is an experience. These restaurants that highlight local and artisan ingredients can greatly benefit from offering unique, freshly roasted coffees, with a variety that is constantly changing to adapt to the offering of the dishes and tastes of the clientele.

Here is a list of the 25 most famous restaurants in the world and how they use coffee to differentiate themselves .

In order to bring these experiences to everyday life, we have developed a methodology to make this experience a success. From the selection of coffees and pairings to its final implementation on the menu and its service. Each pairing and experience is personalized and adds important and memorable value to the dining experience.

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