From Bean to Cup

Venezuela Coffee Revival is a platform that promotes and markets Venezuelan specialty coffees.

We are an association of coffee professionals and producers that believes in an inclusive, collaborative, transparent, sustainable and profitable model for Venezuelan coffee.

Through technology and innovation, we increase collaboration, transparency and sustainability in the coffee supply chain, as well as create a virtuous circle to increase quality and ensure sustainable crops.

The challenge

Due to the result of certain public policies and regulations, Venezuelan coffee has not been marketed in international markets for years, leaving it outside of new trends and abandoning a centuries-old coffee tradition, when Venezuela became the third largest coffee exporter in the world. Our mission is to overcome the challenge of having high-quality coffees, directly marketed, guaranteeing traceability and price transparency while promoting sustainable crops.

Our proposal

We have created the #venezuelacoffeerevival platform, where associations of producers that continually work to produce quality coffees and make their crops more sustainable are supported by organizations and professionals to market their coffees directly with specialty coffee roasters through a platform logistics and technology.

The logistical challenges of exporting from Venezuela are complex for small producers, especially in high-quality coffees. Through a collaborative scheme, the producers' coffee is placed in Europe and marketed directly without any type of risk, and guaranteeing traceability through a blockchain technological platform and an e-commerce platform.

Our mission is to provide all the necessary tools to increase the quality of coffee to the levels demanded by international markets, create a more sustainable coffee growing model through the implementation of agroforestry programs, where in addition to being crops that sequester carbon, Producers benefit directly from the commercialization of these credits, facilitating direct and transparent trade to the final consumer.


Through a logistics platform on Blockchain we guarantee traceability from the origin.

Agroforestry and Carbon Capture

Through the sale of carbon removal units (CRUs), small farmers are provided with a more sustainable and diverse source of income throughout the year, allowing them to be more climate resilient and contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

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