transparent trade

A platform where coffee growers are partners throughout the marketing chain supported by a network of partners with the aim of recovering and making Venezuelan coffee growing more sustainable

  • Road to Zero Emissions

    Small coffee farmers receive carbon credits in their agroforestry projects for shade-grown and certified coffees

  • Fair and Transparent

    Transparent prices and remuneration throughout the supply chain declare thanks to BlockChain technology.

  • participatory

    Small producers participate in the business with the support of agricultural funds, fairtrade, Rabobank, fedeagro

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  • Ong

    Shareholders Campesina works hand in hand with the cooperatives and producers in the quality and certification program for carbon credits

  • Platform

    Provides the platform for the certification and commercialization of carbon credits

  • Certifiers

    They provide certification and support for the quality of export batches. Cafes are registered on the blockchain platform.

  • Funds and Banks

    Financing of institutional and educational initiatives to generate a more sustainable coffee chain