El café Cocollar – Caracolito

Cocollar coffee – Caracolito

The coffee we have originates from the Hacienda Cocollar - Caripe - Monagas - Venezuela. Caripe is one of the oldest Venezuelan coffee producing regions . The Hacienda is located in the green mountains of the idyllic valley of the El Guácharo National Park. The road to get there offers endless surprising landscapes. This geographical paradise, which comprises 250 hectares of land at an altitude of 900 to 1,500 meters and a latitude where the most recognized coffees are grown, is covered by bananas and other fruit trees that provide abundant shade to the coffee plants, giving them a particular flavor. . The Hacienda has been in the hands of the Ávila family for more than 50 years and it produces the most prized varieties of coffee in Venezuela, Criollo (Typica) and Bourbon. These varieties, just like chocolate, made Venezuelan coffee famous when at the beginning of the 20th century Venezuela was among the top 5 coffee exporting countries, reaching its record 85 thousand tons of coffee exported in 1919.

Carlos Cesar Ávila, the producer, has tried to rescue that legacy, like many of us who are dedicated to rescuing that tradition, and offers us an unpretentious coffee as a result of that work.

The coffee that we will try is a CARACOLITO as the peaberry is known in Venezuela. A coffee that did not separate into two beans, but was formed as a single smaller one. It is a washed coffee and is a blend of bourbon, criollo and caturra varieties. Roasted for both espresso and filter and has an SCA rating of 83 points. We will discover the flavor notes in the tasting.

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