16 Junio - Degustación Café Venezolanos

June 16 - Venezuelan Coffee Tasting

Rediscover the flavors of Venezuelan coffees from the traditional to the new generation of coffees and enjoy a brunch with the typical Andean flavors of the land of coffee.


By 1919, Venezuela was among the top 5 coffee producers in the world, exporting 85,000 tons of high-quality coffee. After a history of difficulties, disincentives to production, expropriations, regulations, export bans and low price cycles, production today barely reaches 25,000 tons.

However, the deep roots of the coffee tradition, numerous independent and union initiatives, a new generation of entrepreneurs, the varieties and microclimates present in the producing areas, a cycle of high prices and the growth of the specialty coffee market, unique in that Venezuela is competitive, have created favorable conditions for the resurgence of Venezuelan coffee.

Presented by:

Juan Carlos Escalante (AST and Instructor Specialty Coffee Association - Venezuela)

Enrico Scuratti (Founder Venezuela Coffee Co. and Café 1919 - Co-Founder Curator - Green Coffee Certificate of the Specialty Coffee Association - Founding Member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Venezuela)

Ender Marquez - Chef Gato Dumas Institute -

Coffees to taste

  • The classic - Bourbon coffee and science
  • Exotics - Geisha of coffee and science
  • New Processes - Anaerobic Fermentation - Trinidad Coffee State.

snack menu

Lemon paper, tequeños, Andean minced meat pies with rice, minced meat with chickpeas, cheese with guava and shredded chicken. Andean arepitas and lechoza sweet (papaya).


  • Welcome - Aperitif
  • Brief History of Venezuelan Coffee
  • Snacking - Venezuelan Flavors - Andean Pastries
  • Coffee Tasting - Filtered
  • A new beginning.
  • Cheerful Farewell.

What does it include?

Welcome snack

Brief History of Venezuelan Coffee


Tasting of 4 coffees from renowned Venezuelan producers

Farewell Rum and Coffee Cocktail

Event Data

📅Date: Friday June 09, 2023

🕗Time: 17:00

🏠 Place: Frailejones - Av del Camino De Santiago 11, 28050, Madrid.

💵Cost: €22


Curator, Ron Roble, Venezuela Coffee Co, Frailejones


Juan Carlos Escalante

darveris diaz

Trinidad Coffee State.

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