Finca Los Naranjos - Mesa de Quintero

Los Naranjos Estate - Quintero Table

The Finca los Naranjos by Falsir Durán, a Venezuelan with a great passion for growing coffee. With 104 hectares of land in Mérida, Venezuela, Falsir has dedicated 11 years to the production of high-quality coffee. Of the 99 hectares dedicated to growing coffee, the "Villa Nueva" variety is grown under partial shade and has a mixed management of organic and conventional practices.

Falsir began his career in the world of coffee after attending a meeting at an important coffee company in San Cristóbal, Táchira State. There he found the motivation to start his first coffee plantations with 2000 Villa Nueva coffee plants, which is why the same year that the crops began, the variety was baptized with that name. Planting coffee allowed him to obtain income from inputs and work that helped him make new investments in coffee, obtaining good results in all economic and financial areas.

In addition to his success in the world of coffee, Falsir has donated around 4 million seeds to other coffee farmers and has worked with his family and the community to maintain and improve his plantations. Due to its growth in coffee production, Falsir has invested in machinery and coffee processing to improve the quality of its product. With threshers, washing machines, cylinders, drying patios, monitors, and administrative follow-up, Falsir has managed to guarantee excellent coffee quality, which not only works for internal management, but also provides a service to the community.

Falsir's coffee is unique because it grows in the state of Merida, known for producing some of the best coffee in the world. The area is known as the "Valle de Mocotíes", which is an elongated valley that was shaped by the Mocotíes River. This area is part of the Lake Maracaibo basin, which connects with the Caribbean Sea. It is an exceptional area for growing coffee with a climate that is greatly influenced by Lake Maracaibo on one side and the Mocotíes River on the other. This unique microclimate offers optimal conditions for growing coffee. The area is known for its fertile and deep soils with a balanced content of sand, lime and clay and a high percentage of organic matter. High-quality coffee has been grown here since colonial times.

Falsir Durán is a passionate coffee farmer who has invested years of effort and dedication in growing high-quality coffee in an exceptional area for coffee growing. His focus on quality and his commitment to the community have made him a successful and respected coffee producer in his region and beyond.

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