We 19thCoffee

19thCoffee's story is based on the never-ending search for the perfect cup of coffee. An odyssey that began in the old Venezuelan plantations of the 19th century, famous at that time for growing some of the best coffees in the world. At that time Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil were the main coffee exporters, the Venezuelan being one of the most precious. At the beginning of the 20th century, in 1919, Venezuela established a record in its coffee exports, so we have chosen that name to commemorate the relevance of Venezuelan coffee and motivation to make Venezuelan coffee a benchmark of quality again. This odyssey It led us to the world of Specialty Coffees. The paradigm of productivity versus quality and the wrong public policies were the common denominator in Venezuela, so it was necessary to work in a different way. We did it hand in hand with producers, accompanying and proposing initiatives to encourage the cultivation of high quality varieties while this became an opportunity and a better life income for coffee growers. For us that is something worth sharing and say Let's bring these extraordinary coffees and their aroma, the fruit of the work and mystique of these coffee growers, to the daily lives of coffee lovers for their enjoyment. At the end, what coffee is really about is to share… Today, this wonderful odyssey has taken us to diverse origins, to other lands and to meet incredible people with whom we work to make specialty coffee a sustainable alternative.