What do we do

Developing a fairer and more sustainable chain

100 years ago Venezuela was in the top 5 largest coffee producers in the world and today it does not register imports to be considered a producing country. The causes are many, beginning with the role assumed by oil in the Venezuelan economy, but the current problems are based on the competitiveness of the sector, infrastructure, financing capacity of coffee growers and the ability to market coffee.

In this sense, several members of the union have joined efforts to generate a direct trade platform that allows financing and advice for coffee growers to develop certified crops and lots of specialty coffees, as well as obtaining carbon credits to increase their income. and guarantee crops under shade and be qualified as net zero. Thus generating a product not only of a high quality due to the varieties and climatic conditions of Venezuela but also for its contribution to carbon capture to offset climate change and aligned with the objectives of the UN.

The platform uses blockchain technology where producers registered by geolocation for carbon credits register their batches and certify their quality, they are exported and at each step of the commercialization of coffee, green, roasted and/or served, they receive a percentage, making them partners. and participate in the business at every stage. The roasters associated with the program benefit from direct trade and it is the end customer who directly compensates the Coffee Farmer for his good work.