19th story

Our search for the perfect coffee led us to discover the traditions of Venezuelan coffee growers, their needs and market conditions.  At that moment we knew that we had to do something different to rescue the mystique of that work; lost due to bad public policies and to offer coffee farmers the opportunity to prosper.

In this way, we established direct relationships with coffee growers, supporting and supporting them so that they can make extraordinary coffees and that they receive the benefit and recognition for their work.

In this sense, in Biscucuy we resumed the initiatives of the grain of gold program with the Andean Development Corporation CAF, we promoted the foundation of the association of special coffees of Venezuela to promote the initiatives that would make Venezuela an exporter of special coffees.

Today, given the adversity of the conditions, we decided to work from abroad to give Venezuelan coffee the visibility it deserves, so that it becomes an opportunity for many and a development factor.