Wayoyo Coffee Project

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Guayoyo is the name given to filter coffee in Venezuela.

The ground coffee is placed in a sleeve and filtered with hot water to obtain what is known as a filter coffee, Tintico in Colombia or Café de Pota in Galicia, to mention a few of many names; typical of regional customs.

It is a tradition that appears in Venezuela since the first coffee harvest was documented in Caracas in 1784.

To evoke that moment of good coffee, the aromas, flavors and customs at 19thCoffee we have started the Wayoyo Project.

Just as we do in Venezuela, we are dedicated to bringing the enjoyment of specialty coffee to people's daily lives. Specialty coffee exists thanks to the work of those coffee growers who make coffee their passion and it is the way to make coffee cultivation SUSTAINABLE.

Guayoyo is an extraordinary way to enjoy coffee, and helps to reduce packaging and capsules, reduces the consumption of dairy and sugar, and harmful roasted coffee.

If you have a store, do not hesitate to contact us to offer our WAYOYO experience

Learn more about the guayoyo in our Tutorials in an article by our great friend Paramaconi Acosta.

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